Around the Bonfire (Bond-fire)

My high-school (7th-12th Grade) went on a retreat. We all had a blast and we listened to some incredible sermons on “what do we love?”. As an annual tradition, on the last night of the retreat, each high-school class took 45 minutes to put together a skit and then proceeded to present it to the high-school on stage. After this was over, we all gathered around a bonfire and then gave summer testimonies. It was an awesome night.

But that night I realized something.

As my class and I were backstage getting ready to perform our skit, I began to have flashbacks. There my summer drama team stood in wait to go on stage to perform our play. With smiles ablaze and excitement in the air, we walked onto the stage, lights gleaming, music playing, as surreal as ever. But then reality hit, and my Junior class and I walked onto the stage to perform our skit.

After the skits were over, we all gathered around a bonfire, and once again I began to have flashbacks. There my summer drama team and I were, around a bonfire in Pennsylvania, sharing testimonies. We were sharing how we came to know Christ, and things that God has done in our lives through trials. But then reality hit, and I was asked by my principle to share my summer testimony. As I said, it was an awesome night. To hear what God had done through so many lives this past summer was just incredible. But then I realized something.

This is my team.

As much as I love the people I traveled with, I’ve been given a new task. My summer drama team taught me what it means to be a team, and now I’ve been gracefully handed back to my class (team) of 2015. What pulled my summer drama team together is what is begging to pull my current team together. Christ, the solid Rock, is begging for a team to stand up for Him! But then again, without Christ we’ll crumble under adversity. We will complain about homework and teachers. We will gossip about each other and backbite. We will mock the efforts of the less intellectually blessed, and then get puffed up with pride when we do well. We will focus on the shallow things of life and if worse comes to worse, we will face the danger of individually falling off the narrow road. But never the less, I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Because as long as we continue in Christ, Christ will continue to work in us.

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