The Colosseum

Once upon a time, there was a very old colosseum.

It was built many years ago by one man. Many say, “It took him thousands of years to build this colosseum!”, but legend says, “It took him but a moment.” And the moment the colosseum was built, every citizen in all the land was seized and thrown into the depths of its dungeons.

They were no longer citizens of the land, but prisoners of the colosseum.

Since then, every prisoner born (or to be born) has owned an inherent death sentence within the unforgiving walls of the colosseum. They would simply wait inside their cold cages, and when least expected they would find themselves face to face with the colosseum gladiator. Some would try to run, but he would slay them before they could take half a step. Some would try to attack, but he would destroy them before they could deal their first blow. Some would laugh, but of course, he would have the last laugh. He was unbeatable, and there was not one prisoner who was worthy of defeating him.. No, not one.

But then the king over all the land saw this and sent a messenger to the colosseum gladiator with this message,

“Fight my son!”

As the king’s messenger read this, the bloodthirsty crowd fell silent as the colosseum gladiator glared at him. In response, the colosseum gladiator lifted the king’s messenger by the throat, threw him to the ground, and killed him. However, the colosseum gladiator began to consider this unorthodox proposal, and as he thought, he began to laugh. The crowd began to laugh as well, but soon after, a silence swept over the whole colosseum as  a man climbed over the colosseum walls into the colosseum. He walked through the angry crowd, and leaped onto the sandy ground of the colosseum. Step, by step, by step, the colosseum gladiator watched him very closely. The man stopped, drew his sword, charged towards the colosseum gladiator, and swung heavily at his shield. The fight had begun. It was a  ruthless, bloody, and valiant fight. The colosseum gladiator had met his match, for this man was the king’s only son. And after many days of exhausting battle, the man dealt a vigorous blow to the head of the colosseum gladiator, knocking him to the bloody ground of sand. It looked as if the man had won.

But, then something happened.. something extraordinary and unexpected.. but horrific.

With a clear victory at hand, the man took off his armor, laid his sword and shield on the ground, and dropped to his knees. The colosseum gladiator stood up, laughed, and shouted, “If you’re really the king’s son, call for your mighty armies and save yourself.” However, the man kept still in silence, and before the gladiator’s sword could pierce his side, he was able to shout, “It is finished!”-Silence.

His dead body was carried to a tomb outside the steel gates.

And so, for days the colosseum gladiator rejoiced! Victory was his! He bathed in the thought of how undefeatable he was. After all, he had defeated the king’s only son.

But then something happened.. something unbelievable!

The colosseum’s unbreakable steel doors were thrown open, and a knight in shining armor sprinted into the colosseum. His raised sword pierced the air, and his broad shield protected him from every side! He shouted, “Prisoners! Hear me from the deepest of dungeons! Your debt is paid! The gates are open! I will fight for you!”


In response, the colosseum gladiator charged towards the knight in shining armor! However, he could not prevail against the knight in shining armor, for his armor was too strong, his shield was too sturdy, and his sword was too sharp. And just when the colosseum gladiator thought things couldn’t get worse, twelve prisoners charged out of the dark dungeons and shouted, “To the gates!”

Thousands of prisoners followed these twelve to the colosseum gates. One by one, each prisoner laid their broken chains at the feet of the knight in shining armor. The colosseum gladiator tried to grab as many prisoners as he could and throw them back into their dungeons, but whichever direction he turned the knight in shining armor was there to protect those running to the steel gates.

“I now own these chains,” Said the knight in shining armor, “For it was these which held the dead, and it was for the dead that I died, so that they may run free.” As he spoke, he took off his gleaming helmet and looked the colosseum gladiator in the eyes. The colosseum gladiator’s jaw dropped. He was defeated, and he knew it.

Because they were no longer prisoners of the colosseum, but citizens of the land.

Soon after however, the colosseum gladiator began to call out lies to the citizens outside the open gates, saying things like, “The air is cooler in here!”, “Don’t your old chains look so comfortable?”, “Don’t you want to be with the other prisoners?”, or “Don’t you wish to be with me?” Sadly, some turned back, picked up their chains, and began to walk toward their cages.

“I fought for you then and will fight for you now because I love you, but I will win for you if you love me!” Shouted the knight to the citizens in chains. They hesitated, but slowly continued to their cold cages.

And so, as more and more prisoners laid their chains at the feet of the knight in shining armor, he continued to fight the colosseum gladiator, keeping him from those running to the steel gates. A continuous battle. A valiant battle. A bloody battle.

A battle that has forever been, and will forever be, until the final battle when the colosseum gladiator will be no more.

And when that final battle is won, and the final judgement is finished, the king and his citizens will live happily ever after.

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