To My (Lord Willing) Future Wife

Dear (Lord willing) future wife,
Someday you might read this.
So I hope and pray I’ll keep my word
And never stray amiss.

If (Lord willing) we cross paths
Treading the narrow way,
Though the world may call us fools,
We must not fall astray.

If (Lord willing) we go on
As friends that uphold
Each other’s hearts up to the Lord,
May we be so bold.

If (Lord willing) we join hands
And say our vows with love,
I pray the narrow way we take,
May cling to God above.

But (Lord willing) until then,
May I never seek your face,
Any more than I should seek
The hope filled cross of grace.

And (Lord willing) until then,
May I seek none other’s heart,
For to seek another’s precious spouse
Is to find a sad depart.

If I see your precious smile,
May it never shine as bright
As your heart in darkest trial,
In saddest tear-filled night.

If our eyes should kindly meet,
May they always speak no more
Than when we saw the cross of grace,
Our rock in wave torn shore.

So (Lord willing) if you’re there,
I pray you spend your youth
Not seeking me or seeking love
But seeking God’s whole truth.

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