The Absence of Light, Recompensed

Once upon a time..

There were many rooms devoid of darkness.
This was not due to a chandelier, light bulb, or candle however,
But because of a young woman with a smile.

And as beautiful as her smile was, it was simply the forefront of her brightness.
Her true brightness came directly from her heart.
And if anyone was asked to define her with a single word,
The majority would simply say, “Joyful.”

It is a such small word, but she gave it such big meaning.
And if anyone asked her why she is so joyful,
She would simply reply, “Jesus took my burdens all away.”

However.. one night, while sitting outside,
She said something that completely took me off guard.

“A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer,
And we’re not sure how much time she has left.”

Speechless. That’s what I was.
To see a joyful heart in the midst of such a trial takes the firmest of breath away,
Because it is a joy that cannot be fathomed.
It is a joy only worthy of a heart which can sincerely say,

“I’m so happy, and here’s the reason why;
Jesus took my burdens all away.”

I’ll never forget the young woman that didn’t just light up rooms with her smile,
She lit up hearts..
My heart.
And if per chance, you ever meet her..
Your heart.

4 thoughts on “The Absence of Light, Recompensed

  1. This is so, so sweet, Chris! She sure is a blessing to me as well! The Lord works through us in all our trials, no matter how painful they can be, we can count it all joy. Emily is one of those people who encourages us to stand strong!

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