My Valentine’s Case

I wrote this poem with the intentions of having someone duck-tape it to my locker on Valentine’s Day for my whole high-school to read. I was in South Carolina on Valentines Day so I couldn’t do it myself, but apparently, it never got duck-taped to my locker. Hence-fourth, it might as well be read by someone:

I know I’m gone this lovely day, (South Carolina!!! Woo!!!)
So I guess you can’t laugh in my face,
But please don’t let my absence stop
Me from stating my Valentine’s case.

I might not have a heart to hold,
As might a fair number of you all,
But I know that in this lonely state,
My God has a higher call.

Somewhere out there shines a gem
That shines brighter than the sun,
And even though I don’t know her yet,
My love has long begun.

She is my lovely future wife,
Even though I don’t know her name,
But my God calls me to love her now,
Just as Christ did when He came.

So honestly and transparently,
As crazy as it might sound,
On this lovely Valentines Day,
My wife’s heart has already been found.

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