Our Wedding Day


Dear my lovely future wife,

Our wedding day will be beautiful. Whether it’s raining, snowing, sleeting, cloudy, or sunny, it will be beautiful. But all appearances aside, that day will represent the most horrific (yet most glorious) moment in history.

The day of our marriage will represent the day of Christ’s marriage to the Church.

In trudging up Calvary, He walked up the aisle. In spilling His blood, He signed the legal documents. In shouting, “It is finished!” He sealed His vows. In giving up His spirit, it was as if He gave His first marital kiss to His beloved bride.

That was the day selflessness was carried out like never before. And that day will be our day.

In marrying you, I will be signing my death warrant. Vice versa, in marrying me, you will be signing your death warrant. Because just as Jesus Christ died for the Church, and the Church is meant to die for Christ, I will be vowing to die for you, and you will be vowing to die for me. Such a commitment is the only way that our marriage might truly bring about the greatness that God has always intended for marriage.

When we walk down the aisle hand in hand, it will be as if Christ was taken down from the cross and carried to His grave.

But never forget my dear, it was only then that His marriage began,

And the grave could not say otherwise.

Love, your loving future husband.

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