Round Two: With a Different Swing

2014Last summer, I traveled with the Academy of Arts.
This summer, I will be traveling again.
I am extremely excited, but for now, that will go unsaid.
This is serious:

Last summer, I grew in the Lord and had a great time!
Talk to anyone from El Teamo Easto.
They will corroborate that statement.
But something went wrong.

I developed a dependency upon my team:
A real dependency.
An unhealthy dependency.
The whole summer I could say,

“Finally! Hearts for the Lord!”
“When I’m around them, I just feel so encouraged spiritually.”
“When I’m with them, I can be more spiritual.”
“They just love the Lord so much!”

And I got really attached to that.
Too attached.
I stood on a rug,
And when I got home, that rug was swiped from under my feet.

Now, no matter how I spun the situation,
The rug was still going to get swiped from under me,
But the problem was this:
I did not know how to stand on my own.

I blew up.
I could only be self-sustaining for so long.
So I fell over
And nose-dived into the worst spiritual low of my life.

NOW! Let’s rewind and clear some things up. When you join an Academy of Arts Summer Drama Team, you are meant to be a team. You are meant to work together. You are meant to encourage each other. You are meant to love each other. You are meant to strive together. You are meant to minister. You are meant to further the kingdom of God. You are meant to grow in the Lord. That is just simply.. how it works! And praise the Lord for such an opportunity!

But let me take the statement,
“I did not know how to stand on my own,”
And throw it in the mud.
This was not, is not, and never will be about standing on my own, but about standing in Christ.

I nose-dived into the worst spiritual low in my life because of this:
I was dependent upon man for my relationship with the God and not God Himself. (Therefore, when man was taken away, so was what I considered my “Relationship with God”)
BUT! If I am dependent upon no one but God,
Christ is all-sufficient to fulfill me and sustain me in any and every way possible.

(None of what was said was or is meant to undermine or degrade the believers’s dependency upon the Church and fellow believers (tomatoes and tomotoes, right?), but as the Church being the body of Christ, Christ works in and through His Church to accomplish His will)

So to sum up this whole post, I would like to say a word to my fellow Academy of Arts members who will be traveling this summer:

This summer will go fast. God is eternal.
This summer will spread the Gospel. The Gospel is eternal.
This summer will encourage you. God’s Word is an eternal encouragement.
This summer will be drenched in prayer. Prayer is an eternal privilege.
This summer will bless you with relationships. Your relationship with God is eternal.
This summer will bless you with many God-founded memories. God will use those moments in time for His eternal plans.

But if you are willing to take your stand upon the Solid Rock when no one else will,
It will make it all the more beautiful when others stand beside you.

All of that being said..

Let’s do this!!! =]

2 thoughts on “Round Two: With a Different Swing

  1. Hello, Chris! Which team are you on? I tried to link to the itineraries but the link did not work. I really, really hope I can see your production again.

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