A Boy, a Ballroom, and a Whisper of Hope

A frail little boy, suffering from starvation and dehydration, hobbled along a worn brick wall in search for food and water. It was a hot day caressed with dreary rain, and this little boy could feel his body beginning to collapse. He began to keel over when two gentle arms caught him from falling to the ground. Before he was able to struggle, he had been kindly laid against a wall.

It was then that he looked into the deep, caring eyes of a young woman. As she handed him a cup of cold water and a loaf of bread, her innocent smile seemed to say everything. A tear fell from his pale eyes, but he could not sum up the strength to say “Thank you.” Before he could truly respond, she had softly picked him up and begun walking through the slums of his broken town. Though corruption surrounded her, it was as though she was peacefully walking along an oceanside sunset.

Holding him in her arms, she walked into an inner city bar and smiled at the angry rejects around. The little boy gazed at her in awe of her courage and bravery; well accompanied by her unearthly compassion. But why? and how? Why does she love so much, and how does she have the courage to show such love? It was then that she took out a small Book and began telling the whole room about the God who created the universe, Jesus, His love for the world, His deity, His purpose, His death, and His resurrection. Full grown men were brought to tears. A spirit of repentance filled the bar. Such was not held from this little boy. He now understood why she was the way she was. She was a child of God, an empty vessel for her Savior, and he too now believed.

After handing out Bibles to every man, she now had to leave. As she left, the little boy was waving goodbye with a beaming smile, as if he was giving a farewell to an angel. She fearlessly glided out of the bar and into the dark halls of the night. When she arrived at her one-room apartment, she fell to her knees on the cold, stone floor. She began praising her God for all that He had done. For hours she prayed. It could be said that as she prayed through the night, her prayers were filled with laughter, tears, silence, and cries of agony for the lost souls around her. Gradually, her prayers turned toward her future husband. Where was he this dark, cold night? What was he doing? Was he in prayer as well?

As she was casting all these thoughts before the throne, a gentle wind seemed to encase her. As she rose from her knees, the wind seemed to spin her around as if it was a dance. She laughed as her one-room apartment melted away, and a wooden floor slid under her bare fee-.. what? Two beautiful snow-white slippers wore her feet to perfection. As the breeze finished its dance with her, she felt an elegant, pearl white dress twirl around her until it softly rested at ease upon her shoulders. Amazement filled her eyes.. and ears, being that music conspicuously filled the air. The music was so simple and beautiful, it was as if it was the masterpiece of a Three Person orchestra. It was.. a song for two.

That’s when she turned around to see a young man at the other end of the ballroom. He stood in utter awe and speechlessness in the presence of her inward to outward beauty. His bright smile and flowing tears said everything. Her eyes fell to the left-fourth finger on his left hand where she saw a golden ring. When she felt a ring on her same finger, she understood. As the music seemed to say everything, he was able to stutter out the two words, “You’re…. found.” Overwhelmed with both shyness and excitement, she quickly picked up her flowing dress and ran to embrace him. With all haste, he stumbled towards her as well. The closer they came, the more laughs of joy filled the ballroom.

When he was finally within arms reach, she threw her arms around her pillow. Her eyes flew open to observe her bedroom’s cold, “Welcome back.” As she slowly sat up, tears filled her eyes, and mixed emotions danced around her. She felt so lonely, and yet.. found. A small whisper caressed her ear saying, “Do not worry. Tonight, you’re in his prayers.” She smiled through her tears while embracing her pillow in awe of her future husband in the ballroom. She knew he was waiting there; at the other end of the ballroom. But for now, he was gone.

(Meanwhile, he smiled through his tears while embracing his pillow in awe of his future wife in the ballroom)

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