Robinson – Rules for Speakers

– Be prepared.
– Speak distinctly.
– Look your audience in the eyes.
– Favor your deep tones.
– Be logical.

– Don’t be afraid of your voice
– Don’t forget your audience can think.
– Don’t be ashamed of your own opinion.
– Don’t cover too much ground
– Don’t forget to practice.

First Aid
– Be prepared and don’t rely on inspiration.
– Have a definite purpose.
– Avoid irrelevancy.
– Be sincere, earnest, and enthusiastic.
– Don’t hurry into your subject.
– Wait for attention.
– Begin in a conversational tone but loud enough to be heard.
– Don’t force gestures.
– Cultivate the straight-forward open eye.
– Don’t walk about while speaking.
– Don’t be didactic.
– Good diction is the passport recognized by everyone.
– Cultivate a genial manner.
– Pauses are of great oratorical value.
– Read aloud and regularly.
– The best way to learn to speak is to speak.

– Walter Robinson

Rules for Speakers

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