The Christian Life

*Crackle Crackle.. C – c.. CracklEEee.. Cra-*

My eyelids fly open with anticipation as I hear my receiver begin to pick up a message from my General.

*Cra-Cra.. lelele-Crackle-Crackle.. cr..rack.. akle*

“Soldier! Do you read?! I am on My way”

*BOOOM* – *BANG BANG BANG* (background noises ensue)

I move the microphone close to my mouth and shout, “Sir, yes Sir!” I quickly move to the steel door of my prison cell with readiness for my escape.

*BANG! BANG!* – *SLAM* – *BODIES FALL TO GROUND* – *Clinking of keys against steel* – *CREAK*

The steel door of my prison cell flies open. “Soldier! We have have to go! Quickly!” A dirt-covered, bloodied, beaten, and heavily armed General looks at me with recognition. I respond by saying, “Sir, yes Sir! Take my weapon and uniform!” A smile glazes His face as He hands me His heavily loaded gun and equips me with His heavily protected uniform, meanwhile throwing my old rags away.

We then quickly leave my prison cell and dash through the maze of steel walls which seems impossible to escape, but my General knows the way out. He maneuvers His way through the maze with perfection as I follow Him in full trust. A door with an exit sign finally shows itself, and my General looks at me to say, “Keep behind Me. Trust Me.” I nod as He opens the door. An army of enemy soldiers points their guns at us. Nonetheless, my General runs straight into the mass as I run behind Him. Thousands of bullets pierce His hands, feet, and side. Yet, He keeps running.

I escape the enemy encampment. He does not. (For three days)

I arrive at home base.

He welcomes me with delight at my obedience.

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