The “Christian” Life

*Crackle Crackle.. C – c.. CracklEEee.. Cra-*

I roll over in my cot.

*Cra-Cra.. lelele-Crackle-Crackle.. cr..rack.. akle*

“Soldier! Do you read?! I am on my way!”

*BOOOM* – *BANG BANG BANG* (background noises ensue)

The ends of my eyelids tip open as my lungs fill up with smoke. I cough multiple times and stand up from my cot to glare outside a steel-barred window. I yawn and spread my arms as if I was waking on a Saturday morning. All I see is a blend of smoke and chaos.

*BANG! BANG!* – *SLAM* – *BODIES FALL TO GROUND* – *Clinking of keys against steel* – *CREAK*

I turn to my left and see the steel door of my prison cell fly open. “Soldier! We have have to go! Quickly!” A dirt-covered, bloodied, beaten, and heavily armed General looks at me with recognition. I remain still. “Don’t you want to leave?!” He pleads aloud. I lean against the prison cell wall and sigh out the words, “I would love to.” The General sprints to me, clenches me by the arm, and cries out with a quavering voice, “Do you have any idea?!.. the lengths I went to.. to find you and free you?! I came save you!” I nudge Him away from my ear and crawl back into my prison cot.

*Distant reverberating foot steps get louder and louder*

The General falls to His knees beside my cot as a tear falls from His eye. His facial expression says everything. “The door.. It’s been unlocked and opened.. Please! Follow Me out! I beg of you!” I smile at Him and say, “Thank you very much! I appreciate what You have done to find me and free me. I love You very much for doing so.” I then snuggle my head against my pillow and close my eyes in awe of the fact that Someone would actually fight His way to me and free me.

Just then, an enemy soldier dashes into my prison cell and points his gun at me with a confident trigger finger.

My eyes open once again as I smile and say, “Oh! Hello to you too! And you are..?”

He shoots.

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