What I See

For the up and coming MACS Fine Arts Festival, I was selected to do the Creative Writing – Poetry test. The instruction was this, “Write a poem about how an elderly person sees the world through his or her eyes.”

I wrote this:

When I was young, I was kept safe
And nurtured in the light.
My school, and Church, and family
Had held me from the night.

And as I grew, they told me that,
“The world means to kill,
So, therefore, you must never touch
The world, but be still.”

And in those days, they made the world
Seem like a foe that won.
“Don’t try to fight what’s hard to beat!
Accept that you’re but one!”

But then they said, “Of course God wins,
For in the end, He’s Lord!
But until then remember that
The world holds a sword!”

Yet as I aged, God took my life
And fashioned it with Christ.
He showed me, though I’m in the world,
That He alone sufficed.

He washed my eyes and showed me that
The world tries me true.
Its fires reveal His true gold!
“Therefore, My child, walk through!”

Now in my age, I see the world
Through skillful sailor’s eyes.
For every storm has truly proved
My Captain never lies.

And in my age, I see the world
Through bloodied soldier’s tears.
For every charge has truly proved
My Leader never fears.

And in my age, I see the world
Through journeys near and far.
For every mile has truly proved
My Shepherd heals each scar.

And in my age, I see the world
Through sixty-six old Books.
For every page has truly proved
Our weapons seek not looks.

And every day I’ve dared to live,
I’ve lived it as God deems.
For victory is not the end,
But also His choice means!

Now when youth ask me what I see,
I smile ever grand.
“I see a world lost, yet loved,
And in my Savior’s hand.”

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