My Future Wife on the Altar

I’ve been attending Ellerslie for two weeks now. God has been doing a lot, both in my life and in the lives of others. However, God has recently done a work in my life, which I had already thought to be accomplished, but none the less, it had not. Things have become real, very real.

A young woman had taken an opportunity to speak to the student body, and she told how during the previous night, she had given an area of her life to God, and then she challenged us all that whatever we’re holding on to, we need to give it up. I nodded along, appreciating the conviction, and so I asked God, “What in my life do I need to give up?” Well, on my left fourth finger, there has been a ring to signify what God has done in my “love life” so that I can remember what He has done, and I was subconsciously twiddling with it as I asked God this question. That’s when my eyes slowly maneuvered down to the ring, and my eyes just about exploded.

God gave me the answer to the question.
(And just like God answers questions best..)
“Are you willing to give up your future wife for a life of singleness?”
(I’ve been asked before, but this time, my answer was different..)

After going back to my dorm room to pray, this is the response that God led me to:

“Okay, God. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but.. for everything that You have done in my ‘love life,’ everything that You have shown me, all that has transpired, I give You full legal right of retraction. I lay my future wife upon the altar, and I will bring the knife down. I will give myself to a life of devoted intimacy with you alone, and unless you stop me, that’s what I’m willing to have. I lay her on the altar of sacrifice, and do not expect her back. If this is what will bring You more glory, amen..”

I will expect not to marry unless the Lord follows suit with Abraham and Isaac, which I am not anticipating.

As a Christian, I am called to take up my cross.
Therefore, I have counted the cost,
And I have written out the check.
I do not expect a repayment.

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