A Prayer Away, a Choice To Stay

The Son of God falls to His knees. His arms can’t bear the weight!
He looks up through His flowing blood to see His gruesome fate.
He tries to stand but falls again. A man steps to His side
And lifts the cross along with Him, the Christ so falsely tried.

But how the angels long to help! They weep before the throne.
The Father weeps along with them, yet cries, “Leave Him alone!”
They know the plan, they know the hope, they know the three-day cheat,
But still the Son of God in shame with death He has to meet.

The Son of God lays down His wrists to feel the nails go through.
He looks up to the skies above and thinks, “The will of You!”
He’s lifted up on Calvary with two thieves at His side
Who hang up there along with Him, the Christ so falsely tried.

But how the angels long to come and take Him from such shame,
To heal His wounds, remove His scars, and save Him from such pain!
Yet still, the Father holds His ground, as the oceans hold His tears,
As He turns His back to Him, His Son to hear hell’s cheers.

All heaven weeps as every tear cries the same thought loud,
The same thought that in helplessness sees darkness in each cloud.
“Oh, we’d come to rescue You! We’re just a prayer away!
And yet you choose to die for sin; for saints, You must stay.”

A reminiscent three days pass as heaven holds its breath
To see their King rise from the dead and triumph over death!
And as the Son walks to the throne, His father smiles wide.
The angels smile wide as well, but oh, how heaven cried!

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