Every Day is Beautiful

This next semester begins what I would consider one of the most fresh starts of my entire life.

Why? Because during this Christmas break, a plethora of things fell through in my life. Plans collapsed. Expectations were demolished. Dreams were lost, and what I thought was chapter nine and ten has suddenly placed me back at chapter one.

However, God has taught me something marvelous through all the pain and confusion. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to not know what’s down the road? Because if we knew, we would make decisions based on what we thought would lead us there, but that would be called taking matters into our own hands, which, last time I checked, never ends well.

The fact that today is a day to be spent with Jesus Christ is enough for me. What I know I need to do today is all that I need to know I need to do. The future is in the hands of God, and who am I to guess or think through what He’s holding when He hasn’t opened up His hands yet? When God leaves us clueless about tomorrow, it’s simply another revelation of His infinite love and knowledge. He gives us the grace to take life each day at a time, while He handles life infinity at a time.

I have no clue what will happen next, and by the gracious hand of God, I have no expectations of possibilities from here on out,

But this I know: Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

He alone is the only thing that I’ll ever need to know!

This semester, I ask for more of Jesus than ever before,

And every day will be more beautiful than the last.

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