Dear God

Dear God, Your plan’s a masterpiece,
A true work of art.
Each stroke we might not understand,
But it all plays a part.

Dear God, Your timing’s perfect,
Even when our timing’s off.
The tick began with your Word,
And the tock though others scoff.

Dear God, You’re the only Hero
That would save a world of hate.
The only Hero that would give it all
To accept a wretched fate.

But dear God, You’re the only Savior
That would let His shade turn black,
Then accept the final stroke with grace
To bring His children back.

To My (Lord Willing) Future Wife

Dear (Lord willing) future wife,
Someday you might read this.
So I hope and pray I’ll keep my word
And never stray amiss.

If (Lord willing) we cross paths
Treading the narrow way,
Though the world may call us fools,
We must not fall astray.

If (Lord willing) we go on
As friends that uphold
Each other’s hearts up to the Lord,
May we be so bold.

If (Lord willing) we join hands
And say our vows with love,
I pray the narrow way we take,
May cling to God above.

But (Lord willing) until then,
May I never seek your face,
Any more than I should seek
The hope filled cross of grace.

And (Lord willing) until then,
May I seek none other’s heart,
For to seek another’s precious spouse
Is to find a sad depart.

If I see your precious smile,
May it never shine as bright
As your heart in darkest trial,
In saddest tear-filled night.

If our eyes should kindly meet,
May they always speak no more
Than when we saw the cross of grace,
Our rock in wave torn shore.

So (Lord willing) if you’re there,
I pray you spend your youth
Not seeking me or seeking love
But seeking God’s whole truth.

The Perfect Plan

This is a poem that I wrote during my summer of traveling. I was in a host home at 2 a.m., struggling in prayer about what do with my life, and this is what I wrote:

It seems my plans keep falling through
As all my days go by.
My final draft is never done,
And all I ask is why.

I look around and see my friends.
They have it all drawn out.
I ask why it’s that way for them,
While all I do is doubt.

I ask why I am this or that
Or what my gifts are for,
Till when at last I hear Him say,
“But wait! Oh wait. There’s more.”

“My plan for you is just for you,
Yet not for you to see.
It’s to be lived not just by you
But along side of Me.”

“I’ve given you not just a gift
But given so much more.
I sacrificed My life for you.
But wait! Oh wait! There’s more!”

“I rose for you! I cherished you!
My plan for you is here!
To die with Me and live for Me,
Yet still no need to fear.”

“So live My plan. My perfect plan.
I’ll write it line by line.
Just die with Me and live for Me,
And trust Me, you’ll be fine.”

Jeremiah 29: 11-13,

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

A Plan of Hope

I’m gasping for a hope
And searching for a light.
Oh how I stumble
And yearn for my sight.

I hear a tumult of voices
All calling for my name
Until all stop at the sound
Of a cry of pain.

A cry of pain, a cry of love
Came ringing through the night
And led me to the cross of grace
Which freely gave me sight.

Then seeing the Man grasping my sin,
Holding it as tight as He can,
He looked at me and softly said,
“Don’t worry I have a plan”

Oh a plan so wonderful,
A plan that summons all,
A plan that rings all through the night,
A victorious and triumphant call.

I Once Lived There

I know a house built brick by brick
With beauty beyond compare.
Each plank was laid, each tile was set
With much design and care.

I know a house in which we lived,
With walls of solid wood.
Each breath we took was not our own,
Nor on our own we stood.

I know a house which took a match,
So tempting from the foe.
It was so small, yet far too hot
To stay a tiny glow.

I know a house consumed in flames,
With death beyond compare.
Till came a Man to rescue souls
Who were so trapped in there.

I know a house which took a Man
Who built it brick by brick,
Who had such love for every nail
And every wall so thick.

I know a house which killed a Man
Who ran through every flame.
Who called to every soul below,
“It was for you I came!”

I know a house which shook with fear
As every flame in sight
Became the Man in agony
In deepest, darkest night.

I know a house which drowned in hope
As from the dark He rose.
The battle fought, the price paid full,
The fatal blow to foes.