Hope: a ray.
A light that’s at the end.
A gleam of joy that says, “Hello.”
A sign of something’s send.

Hope: a shout.
A sound of victory.
A song of joy, that calls, “Horrah!”
A banner meant for me.

Hope: a crook?
It hangs up high in doom.
How can life be switched with death.
Then buried in a tomb.

Hope: a Truth.
A Knight of every star.
Even when all hope is lost.
It rises near and far.

Miss Umbrella

Miss umbrella, who you are:
A mystery beneath a star.
Oh, your silhouette shines bright,
Like a shadow out of sight.

Miss umbrella, how you hold
Your umbrella, oh so bold.
You are faithful in the rain.
You keep courage in all pain.

Miss umbrella, why so shy?
Your beauty glows beneath the sky.
And while you waltz as raindrops fall,
I hear your voice’s lovely call,

“Oh, my darling, hear me true.
I will truly wait for you.
This umbrella shelters two.
This umbrella welcomes you.”

The Rain and the Redeemer


My knees are weak. My chest is frail.
My heart is numb from pain.
Yet through it all, I stand outside
To feel the touch of rain.

I am so cold. I have no coat.
Each raindrop feels the same.
Yet every raindrop tells me why
My humble Savior came.

He came because my heart was numb,
Because I was so cold,
So He could be my umbrella,
My very own to hold.

I hold Him close. I hold Him near.
He shelters me all night,
Because the rain, like teardrops fall,
Drenching an unseen fight.

The rain falls like deadly arrows
That puncture every heart,
Saying that my own loving Savior
And hopeless man must part.

But as I stand in the pouring rain,
It comforts me so dear.
It tells why I’ve been saved,
And that my God is near.

My Valentine’s Case

I wrote this poem with the intentions of having someone duck-tape it to my locker on Valentine’s Day for my whole high-school to read. I was in South Carolina on Valentines Day so I couldn’t do it myself, but apparently, it never got duck-taped to my locker. Hence-fourth, it might as well be read by someone:

I know I’m gone this lovely day, (South Carolina!!! Woo!!!)
So I guess you can’t laugh in my face,
But please don’t let my absence stop
Me from stating my Valentine’s case.

I might not have a heart to hold,
As might a fair number of you all,
But I know that in this lonely state,
My God has a higher call.

Somewhere out there shines a gem
That shines brighter than the sun,
And even though I don’t know her yet,
My love has long begun.

She is my lovely future wife,
Even though I don’t know her name,
But my God calls me to love her now,
Just as Christ did when He came.

So honestly and transparently,
As crazy as it might sound,
On this lovely Valentines Day,
My wife’s heart has already been found.