19 Resolutions

Resolved, no down time.

Resolved, turn first to prayer, then God’s Word, then man.

Resolved, reason from the heavenlies.

Resolved, hold God higher than sleep.

Resolved, seek out the good in others, let God deal with the bad.

Resolved, rejoice in good and bad situations alike.

Resolved, serve all as I would Jesus.

Resolved, in trials, thank God always for the gift of trials.

Resolved, whenever I sit down, thank Jesus for Him living in me.

Resolved, whenever I stand up, thank Jesus for me living in Him.

Resolved, live each moment as if my life was judged by that moment alone.

Resolved, pray as though all of heaven and hell hangs in the balance.

Resolved, read God’s Word as though all of heaven and hell hangs in the balance.

Resolved, live as though all of heaven and hell hangs in the balance.

Resolved, recognize that all of heaven and hell actually hangs in the balance.

Resolved, if I should fall into a sin, move forward as though experience is irrelevant.

Resolved, never trust what I would normally say, only trust what Jesus is saying.

Resolved, look to Jesus the moment I wake up.

Resolved, look to Jesus till the moment I fall asleep.

My Future Wife on the Altar

I’ve been attending Ellerslie for two weeks now. God has been doing a lot, both in my life and in the lives of others. However, God has recently done a work in my life, which I had already thought to be accomplished, but none the less, it had not. Things have become real, very real.

A young woman had taken an opportunity to speak to the student body, and she told how during the previous night, she had given an area of her life to God, and then she challenged us all that whatever we’re holding on to, we need to give it up. I nodded along, appreciating the conviction, and so I asked God, “What in my life do I need to give up?” Well, on my left fourth finger, there has been a ring to signify what God has done in my “love life” so that I can remember what He has done, and I was subconsciously twiddling with it as I asked God this question. That’s when my eyes slowly maneuvered down to the ring, and my eyes just about exploded.

God gave me the answer to the question.
(And just like God answers questions best..)
“Are you willing to give up your future wife for a life of singleness?”
(I’ve been asked before, but this time, my answer was different..)

After going back to my dorm room to pray, this is the response that God led me to:

“Okay, God. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but.. for everything that You have done in my ‘love life,’ everything that You have shown me, all that has transpired, I give You full legal right of retraction. I lay my future wife upon the altar, and I will bring the knife down. I will give myself to a life of devoted intimacy with you alone, and unless you stop me, that’s what I’m willing to have. I lay her on the altar of sacrifice, and do not expect her back. If this is what will bring You more glory, amen..”

I will expect not to marry unless the Lord follows suit with Abraham and Isaac, which I am not anticipating.

As a Christian, I am called to take up my cross.
Therefore, I have counted the cost,
And I have written out the check.
I do not expect a repayment.

A New Era (To Post or Not To Post)

On May 22nd, 2015, around 8:00ish pm, after attending since k4, I graduated from Fourth Baptist Christian School. When the tassel went from one side of my head to the other, it marked the end of a chapter in my life, and the beginning of a new one.

Unlike the past two summers, this summer, I will not be traveling with The Academy of Arts, but I will be attending Ellerslie Discipleship Training for their very last 9 week semester. After that, I will be attending Pensacola Christian College to major in Business with an Accounting Concentration.

All of that to say, I have absolutely no idea how often I will be able to post anymore. It has been a faithful friend throughout my Junior and Senior years of highschool, but during this summer followed by four years of college, I don’t know what things are going to look like.

None the less, if God decides to continue laying things on my heart to post, things will always be posted. This is something that He started two years ago and has been sustaining ever since, so whether it continues consistently or not is completely up to Him.

Really though, whether I write about it or not, God’s plans will move mountains, and I cannot wait to move forward in this endless frontier.

This is a new era, and it’s definitely the better.

Where it happens, or should I say, “happened.”

The Genesis of a Warrior Poet

09/26/2014 – 22:46
I have chosen, this day, whom I will serve. I have enlisted in the ranks of those who have chosen likewise and consequently died. Their deaths have been daily, gruesome, and unimaginably horrific. Their reputations have been spat upon, mocked, and beaten to a pulp. They have died lonely deaths, only to arrive home in time for a standing ovation.

These are those of what one is called a “Warrior Poet: an absolute nobody who is fully and completely yielded to the all-consuming command and rule of the absolute Somebody. A champion of all Truth and a guardian of all gentility, meekness, affection, femininity, and grace.” I have, this day, prayed in full faith that I would be granted to join such ranks, knowing that such would come to pass, and the acceptance letter came swiftly.

The mustard seed has been planted, and although it has yet to flourish, it has already begun to grow. An infant tree has been birthed, and as sure as the sun shall rise, it shall grow to bear a cross-beam, and soon-after, me. Positionally, I have been crucified with Christ for years, but as the saying goes, “Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. And goodness – what God desires – is here and here. And what you do every day will decide if you are a just man or not.”

This being stated, the true right action is ultimately this: to take up the cross. And today, my once lukewarm and cultural-driven feet have now felt the dusty, gravelly, and blood-soaked road to Calvary. Splinters now pierce my fingers, forearms, and shoulders, but such pain pales in comparison to my imminent fate: death.

While most veer away from this temporary fate, it is now my reasonable duty to valiantly embrace it. My heaven-driven love is provoked by an infinitely greater love which shall usher me through the flames of unwavering obedience to God’s Holy Word. Such flames shall burn hotter than I can humanly bear, but shall bring me forth as gold.

Much to my previous dismay, the ranks of Warrior Poets have been forgotten. Their war cry, the Gospel, which once victoriously roamed the field of battle, has been tuned out by the majority populous by whining, whimpers, and pats on the back for “unconquerable” re-occurring struggles. However, my acceptance letter was clear and concise:

“Welcome. These are the ranks of the few, the brave, and the despised. You are at war. Your war cry is the Gospel. i.e. you are on the offensive, for to be at war means one thing: kill or be killed. You do not compromise with, deal with, or bargain with the enemy. You defeat the enemy. Your weapon, protection, sustenance, lifeline, and everything in between can be found within your General’s Holy Autobiography. Meanwhile, you are granted the inconceivable privilege of staying in constant communication with your General, which is of the utmost importance to attain the means and end of victory. Victory is not merely the end, but is also the means. Being a Warrior Poet means more than swinging a battle-ax; it means to embrace affection in all it’s pain and promise, and being intimately close with your Lord, Savior, King, and General. Do not be discouraged when you fall, but remember that, ‘A just man falleth seven times and riseth up again.’ The General is pleased to have you. Carry on.”

With my name handwritten in my General’s blood at the top of such a letter, it is only fitting that from this day forward, I choose the narrow road and the less beaten path. I expect very few to approve, and even fewer to accompany me. However, I shall no longer heed the voices of those who dare not follow my General’s footsteps, for I now heed the marching orders of Jesus Christ alone.

I am, this day, a mustard seed which shall grow into a great tree,
And here marks the beginning of a Warrior Poet.

Matthew 13:31-32