Two Men, One Cause

Once upon a time..

There was a humble, wooden floor.
And for a little while, every morning,
Two men would bravely embrace it.

One was older; one was younger.
One was taller; one was shorter.
One had coffee; one did not have coffee.
One had a cool beard; one did not have a cool beard.

It was an interesting combination,
But differences could have cared less.
Many things bonded these two together,
But during such mornings, one purpose prevailed:


A prayer life is a very personal thing.
It is found in one’s closet or mind.
It is grown behind the scenes;
Cultivated between one and God alone.

But there is something special,
Something extremely special
When two people of shared burdens
Come together to pray.

But put aside human prayer.
Put aside the “Heal my bruise,” and “Help me win.”
Throw away the “Lift me up” and “If it’s Your will.”
Such prayers were not so.

They gave up the stage for the Holy Spirit to take control.
They begged for crucifixion of self.
They uttered cries of humility.
They pleaded for revival.

It was a time of war, and truthfully, they were unworthy for the fight.
However, to the glory of the cause, they had an Advocate who was worthy.
They simply came before the throne in the name of Jesus Christ.
And as they grasped the privilege of such a position, they wielded it bravely.

It was epic.
It was honorable.
It was life altering.
It was humble.

It was..


Hidden Tears to Calmed Fears

Once upon a time..

There was a beautiful story;
A story sweet to the ears;
A story which gives hope a chivalrous name.

And it begins with a young woman who inspired this poem:

“Hidden tears, that carry fears.
Oh what a smile you wear.
A broken heart you seem to drown;
Cries you’ll never share.

You always cry beneath your laugh
As others laugh as well.
You live a daily nightmare,
But oh you’d never tell.”

But the question remains,
“If the story is so beautiful,
Why must it begin so solemn?
Why must it begin in despair?”

And so in response, I ask this:
“Did Christ come make the good, better?
Did Christ come to make the clean, cleaner?
Did Christ come to make the proud, prouder?”


Christ came to make the broken-hearted joyful.
Christ came to make the hopeless victorious.
Christ came to make the dumb speak, and the lame walk.
Christ completes the beautiful story.

Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful story.
It begins with hidden tears,
And it ends with Christ calming her fears.

Beautiful Silence

Once upon a time..

A young man who sat down to play his arrangement of, “It Is Well With My Soul.”
After his hands lifted from the keyboard, he turned around to see his family in tears.
No one spoke because the music had said what each heart could not put to words.
They sat in silence for an unknown amount of time, but it was a beautiful silence.
Because even when the notes had stopped playing, the message rang on.

And each could say,

“It is well. It is well with my soul.”