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Themes, Categories, and Then Some More (So Wash Up on Any Shore)

“Future wife?! F’real-wait.. what about counting a cost?”
“So wait, you’re telling me.. C. J. makes music?!”
“Christianity, oh how I have missed thee.”
“O-Oh no.. I think I’m g-going to cry!”
“Well, Once Upon a Time..”
“Creative stuff, bro.”
“Good point..”
“Awesome music? Yes!”
“Wow.. This is bad, really bad.”
“2013? 2014? 2015? Oh right, 2016!”
“The Gospel? Analogized?! Seems legit.”
“Oh! I’d love to see which posts are C. J.’s favorite.”
“C. J. Murray? I stalk him all the time! What’s happening now?!”


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